Jojoba Oil | organic + cold-pressed

Golden organic jojoba oil is a powerful, multipurpose oil and the premise of the Jojoba’s Witness minimalist skin method. This single oil can be used to moisturize skin, condition hair, remove makeup, treat skin conditions like dandruff and eczema, as well as provide an excellent massage oil and carrier oil for aromatherapy. Jojoba oil most closely resembles sebum, the natural oil produced by our skin. This allows jojoba to work synergistically with our own skin to balance natural oil production and control breakouts. Jojoba oil absorbs easily and deeply into the skin, providing long-lasting nourishment and hydration. Organic, cold-pressed golden jojoba oil is the basis of every Jojoba’s Witness formula.

Argan Oil | organic + cold-pressed

This light and luxurious oil is extracted from the fruit of Moroccan argan tree, an ancient species known for its beauty and resilience. Argan oil possess similar powers of resilience: its rich antioxidant profile and naturally-occurring Vitamin E help to moisturize, balance, and revitalize skin. Moroccan women have used argan oil as their minimalist skincare routine for thousands of years, massaging it into their hair, skin, and nails to maintain natural youth and beauty.

Geranium | steam-distilled

Aside from its bright + intoxicating scent, geranium oil nourishes dry, imbalanced, or depleted skin. Traditionally it has been used for wound-healing, improving circulation, balancing hormones, and treating psoriasis, eczema and acne. In floriology (flower symbolism) geraniums represent elegance and determination.

Lavender | steam-distilled

The ubiquitous soother, lavender is known for its calming and energy-balancing properties. On the practical side of the equation, lavender possesses tremendous antiseptic, and antifungal properties that can help to treat skin issues like acne, oil imbalances, and scarring.

Palmarosa | steam-distilled

Extracted from the sweet palmarosa grass, this oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. It is also hydrating, helping the skin to retain moisture and regenerate new skin cells.

Rose | steam-distilled

Distilled from fresh rose petals, this precious ingredient helps restore radiance to your skin. Rose has antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antidepressant properties and helps to deeply cleanse, invigorate, and heal the skin. Traditionally it has been used for treating pain, inflammation, trauma, infection, and hormone imbalances including PMS. In floriology (flower symbolism) rose represents beauty, passion, and divine love.

Interesting Note: It takes about 500 rose petals to produce just one drop of pure rose oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil | organic + cold-pressed

Gentle, quick-absorbing, and ultra-healing, rosehip seed oil is a beautiful oil for all skin types–especially tricky combination skin. It can help balance skin tone, treat scars and blemishes, and provide deep-penetrating moisture. Rosehip seed is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, lycopene, betacarotene, and essential fatty acids. Rosehip seed oil has an immediate brightening and balancing effect on the skin.

Tamanu Oil | organic + cold-pressed

Not quite as popular as the other oils (yet), tamanu oil is a bit of a secret ingredient. Derived from the Polynesian tamanu nut, this oil is rich, viscous, and nutty, and offers serious skills in healing damaged skin. Whether it’s acne, scarring, rashes, or minor cuts, tamanu helps to heal, protect, and restore.

Tea Tree Oil | steam-distilled

Nature’s disinfectant, tea tree oil is used all over the world to clean, purify, and protect. Studies have proven tea tree oil’s effectiveness in treating acne without the side effects and complications of conventional prescriptions.

Witch Hazel | organic + double-distilled

The grandmother of all toners, witch hazel has been used for centuries to cleanse and tone. This gentle extract is double-distilled from the twigs and bark of fragrant witch hazel trees, making it more potent + pure than traditional store-bought witch hazel. Like jojoba oil, witch hazel is a multi-purpose herb that can help relieve redness and itching, treat acne, remove impurities, soothe irritation, and balance the skin’s delicate pH.