Cool As A Cuke: 3 Ways To Chill Out

Cooling Cucumber Water

It’s hot. Have you noticed?

In Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system for whole health), summer is known as pitta season, which roughly translates to don’t-touch-me-I’m-too-sticky-to-breathe… season. Sometimes all that heat from the sun can raise our own internal temperatures, showing up as aggression and irritability (temper, anyone?), redness in the skin (hello, sunburn), funky digestion (too many potato chips), and overall sweatyuckiness.

Before you try to stab a neighbor with your ice-pop, do yourself a favor and read through our tips for keeping cool and staying chill.


I don’t care how good it is, put your mama’s marina recipe back in its box for the season and stick to light, cooling foods. Tomatoes, garlic, and most spicy and acidic foods create heat in the body. And you don’t need more heat! Fresh veggies and fruits rule the picnic blanket for a reason – cucumbers, melons, berries, and fresh salads are all foods that will keep you and your tummy cool. You can sneak these cool dudes into your daily routine by making some cucumber-infused water, swapping spicy salsa for guac, and choosing the mango ice cream for dessert. Guacamole and ice cream? Suddenly, this heat doesn’t seem so bad.


A few strategic dashes of peppermint essential oil on the temples, between the brows, and behind the ears instantly slides your body into a refreshing pool of tingly, mingly mintness. (This is also a nifty remedy for headaches, including those persnickety sun headaches.) To keep the mint vibe going, cold-brew some peppermint iced tea and you’ll be shivering in no time.


Yoga poses that incorporate a forward bending movement help to release heat (both sun-induced and emotional), so take your pick: child’s pose, down dog, standing forward bend. Choose one that you know and do it. Really… go!

If you have any other secrets for keeping chill this summer, help a sweaty neighbor out and share.

Be cool, folks!

Love and cucumbers,
P.S. For more on Ayurveda and balancing your hot (pitta) streak, check out the following links:

[Photo Credits: Kymberly Janisch, TheeErin, Neil Fitzgerald, rcbodden, Yoga Journal.]

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