Modern skincare has become overcrowded by chemicals, artificial additives, and “anti-aging” marketing.

Your skin craves a simpler answer: honest ingredients and a simple routine.

Jojoba’s Witness was born out of a love for natural ingredients, herbal medicine, and beautiful skin.

Each and every Jojoba’s Witness product is lovingly handcrafted with of-the-earth ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, calendula flowers, witch hazel, and pure essential oils.

Our formulas are made in small batches and bottled by hand without any preservatives, additives, or fillers.


Jojoba’s Witness was created by me, Katie Braja, in 2015.

I’ve been using jojoba oil for years, gaining more and more appreciation for its vast healing properties. Rich, luscious, and multipurpose, jojoba has become the primary pillar of my minimalist skincare routine.

Traveling for a weekend? Have a nagging skin condition? Trapped on a deserted island?

Jojoba is always the answer for me.

As a result of using jojoba oil and other natural, mostly jojoba-based products, I’ve ditched all the expensive cosmetics.

I’ve become a skin minimalist.


Here’s what I believe:

A few honest, nature-made ingredients and a simple routine will heal your skin.

I call this premise minimalist skin.

Self-care should be simple. Your skin craves ease, a connection to nature, and the efficiency of a few simple ingredients.

For me, and for my products, jojoba is the basis of this easy, simplified, minimalist way of caring for skin.

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